Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

fun themes for boy baby showers

Baby Boy Baby Shower

Are you planning a baby shower for a baby boy? Here are some fun ideas and themes for you, along with fun accessories! Good luck planning and send us pictures so we can show off your baby shower!

Blue Themed Baby Shower

Dark blue, light blue, blue green, so many choices! Here are some fun ideas and decorations for your blue themed baby shower! Blue is the most traditional color of course for a baby boy.

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Baby Boy Blue Themed Baby Shower

Blue Candy Buffets

Green Themed Baby Shower

Green is a traditional color to use for a baby boy. If blue is too common for you then add some green. Sage green, dark green, it is all comforting and handsome for a new baby boy!

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Green Baby Shower


Green Candy Buffet

Dr Seuss  Baby Shower

Fun & Whimsical

Everyone loves the nostalgic feeling that Dr Seuss brings! Can’t you remember being a  child being read a fun Dr Seuss book and just loving the rhymes and whimsical creatures. Great for the imagination and fun to use as a baby shower theme. Lots of fun bright decorations to brighten the “mom to be’s” day when she walks into this fun baby shower!

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Dr Seuss Baby Shower

Elephant Themed Baby Shower

Traditional and Cutesy

Elephants are a popular baby boy baby shower theme. Cute and masculine and there are so many fun decorations to you can get with this theme. Perfect for your baby boy baby shower.

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Elephant Baby Shower for a Boy

Jungle Themed Baby Shower

Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Bears, Monkeys and so many other cute animals can be included in this fun theme! Check out the balloons, plates, and other fun decorations and accessories!


Jungle Baby Shower Theme

Woodland Animals

If you love animals and want a very current trendy theme, then Woodlands is a good pick. Woodland animals include fox, wolves, owls, bunnies, raccoons, squirrels and any animal you would find living in the woods!


Woodland Creatures Themed Baby Shower

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