Tooth Fairy Gadgets

Losing a Tooth

When you child is between 4 years old and 7 years old, you can expect to hear those words, “Mommy, my tooth is loose!”  It’s a milestone in every child’s life. It can be exciting but it can also be a bit scary too. To make this milestone a magical one, here are some fun gadgets for your child to put their teeth in as they fall out. It will help the tooth fairy collect your child’s teeth too! So whether you want a container to put the tooth in under their pillow, or you want a keepsake book for their teeth, check out the items below!

Baby Tooth Organizer for Photo Album & Scrapbook

Toysmith Twinkle Toof Tooth

Welforth Pink Tooth Trinket Box

Tooth Fairy Box

Lillian Rose Tooth Fairy Embroidered Pillow

Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow With Notepad And Keepsake Pouch

Mud Pie Knit Tooth Pillow

Little Boy’s Blue Tooth Fairy Pillow by Almas Designs

Girl Tooth Fairy Kit – Tooth Fairy Pillow Girl – Tooth Fairy Box –
Tooth Fairy Letter

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