Top Ten Baby Names for Girls

top ten baby girl names

These are the top ten baby girl names of 2016 in the United States.

1. Emma Originally a short form of Germanic names that began with the element “ermen.” The meaning means “whole” or “universal”.

2. Olivia- The name Olivia was first used by Shakespeare for a character in Twelfth Night. It’s a feminine form of Oliver, meaning “olive tree.”

3. Sophia– Sophia is a name with Greek origins. The meaning of the name Sophia is wisdom.

4. Isabella- Hebrew baby name meaning devoted to God.

5. Ava-  This name may be from the Latin word “avis,” meaning “bird.” It could also be a short form of the name Chava (“life” or “living one”),

6. Mia- This name’s Latin origins mean “mine” or “wished-for child.”

7. Emily-  This is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Emily is: Industrious; striving.

8. Abigail- This name is Hebrew.  The meaning  is: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy.

9. Madison- This name is American. The meaning is  derived from Matthew ‘gift of God’ or from Matilda ‘strong fighter.

10. Charlotte-  This name is French the meaning of the name Charlotte is tiny and feminine.

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Top Ten Baby Boy Names

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