Turquoise Blue and Black Wedding

Turquoise Blue and Black Wedding

A beautiful elegant collection of turquoise blue wedding invitations, stickers, save the dates, wedding table number cards and more.Black and Blue Gold Hearts Wedding Invitation

The Black and Blue Gold Hearts Wedding Invitations to the left can be personalized with your wedding’s details by clicking on the picture and going to thecustomize area. Click on it to see price and different sizing, paper options, border decoration changes.

These are beautiful invitations with  modern touch to them. A turquoise blue color with black and white chevron stripes and a floral decoration pattern on the top. With elegant gold detailing in the hearts and arrow.
Black & Blue Floral Hearts Save the Date
If you would like to send your family and friends a head’s up on your wedding day, these beautiful Black & Blue Floral Hearts Save the Date postcards are an affordable but stylish way to do so. Just click on the picture to the right and add in your wedding date and names.
These match beautiful with the Black and Blue Gold Hearts Wedding Invitations and just lets people prepare ahead of time so they don’t book something else on your special day and to give them time to reserve hotels and get all travelling accomodations ready.
Gold, Black and Blue Floral Save the Date Stickers
Another cute addition to add to your wedding invitations or Save the Date cards is these pretty Gold, Black and Blue Floral Save the Date Stickers . You won’t need them if you send postcards but if you get cards and want to seal an envelope just stick these on there to add to the matching theme of your turquoise, black and gold wedding.
They have such an elegant look with the pretty gold trim and dainty linked hearts.
Blue Black and Gold Floral Striped Postage Stamp
And to add an even further elegant touch to your turquoise themed wedding, just add these gorgeous Blue Black and Gold Floral Striped Postage Stamps to your save the dates or wedding invitations.

You can customize them and pick what size you would like, small, medium, large or postcard size for Save the Dates.

Beautiful turquoise blue with black and white chevron stripes and pretty white flowers with a black background and two linked gold hearts to represent the bride and the groom.
Will you be my Maid of Honor Card
A sweet way to ask your best friend to be your maid of honor, or your other friends to be your bridesmaids and flowers girls is with these sweet cards. Just click on “Will you be my Maid of Honor Card.” and customize the wording to who you want to ask to be what.
Turquoise blue elegant white flowers on a black background with black and white chevron stripes and gold detailing. You can click on the picture for pricing. You can also customize it to be a matte or gloss paper finish.
Black, Blue Gold Stripe Floral Wedding Recipe Card
A new trend in wedding traditions is adding in these recipe cards along with the wedding invitations for the guests to fill out and send back to the bride. Start your recipe collection now with your family and friend’s favorite recipes. These make a beautiful memory keepsake for the bride to be that she will  use for a lifetime.

Just click on Black, Blue Gold Stripe Floral Wedding Recipe Card to see pricing and customization options.

Don’t forget to include a Black & Blue Floral Hearts Wedding RSVP card with each invitation too! These beautiful matching turquoise blue, gold and black and white cards are a good way to keep track of who is coming and who can’t.
Again with the beautiful turquoise blue theme and black and white flowers, chevron stripes and gold detailing.
Just click on the picture for prices and customization abilities. such as matte and gloss finish and what type of paper or cardstock you’d like to use.
Blue, Black and Gold Heart Wedding Book
This personalized Turquoise  Blue, Black and Gold Heart Wedding Guest Book  will make a forever keepsake for the bride and groom.
Lay it out on the table for guests to sign. A couple good ideas on where to put the guestbook are right by the door when guests arrive, on the candy buffet table, dessert table or gift table.
Just click on the book for prices and details. Zazzle makes it easy to customize and add your wedding information and bride and groom’s names.
Don’t forget the table number cards!

To stay organized and help guests know where to sit, order some of these Turquoise Blue Black Floral Wedding Table Number Cards to add to each table.

Even if you don’t plan on having a seating chart having a number at each table will help guest remember where they are seating after a couple glasses of wine!

Personalized Table Number Card Holder for Wedding

And if you would like matching card holders, here are some Personalized Table Number Card Holders.

Just stick the matching cards into the top of these and guest can find their tables easily.

If you don’t want the standing types, you can just get the folded cards too! Click here on this link to see the matched folded card style.
Wedding Seating Chart, Sit "wherever" Poster
There are many adorable posters that come with this collection too. Here we have the Wedding Seating Chart, Sit “wherever” Poster.
If you won’t be having sides for the bride and groom’s family to sit on and just want everyone to mingle randomly, these are the perfect sign for your wedding.
These are beautiful. in a gold frame on an easel to let guests know they can just sit wherever they’d like.
Wedding Sign for Candy Bar, Vintage Camera
Another new trend for weddings is to have a candy bar. Add a sweet touch to your candy buffet table with this cute lollipop Wedding Sign for Candy Bar.
There are so many pretty black and turquoise candies you can add to your dessert or candy table. Visit blue candy, turquoise candy, and black candy to see some fun options!

Black and white chevron stripes with turquoise and gold detailing and white flowers.

Wedding Sign for Photo Booth, Vintage Camera
Add this vintage touch to your photo booth area with this Wedding Sign for Photo Booth. A great way to “capture” the fun moments of your wedding.Many photo booth companies give you a copy of all the pictures that were taken throughout the night which  make great mementos to add to your wedding scrapbook.
You’ll see as the night goes on, and the wine bottles grow emptier, the pictures will get funnier!

And last but not least, here are some fun thank you gifts and wedding favors for the guests and wedding party!

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