Tweed Day: April 3rd


April 3rd is Tweed Day!

What is the purpose Tweed Day?

There seems to be some confusion about the meaning and origins of Tweed Day.

According to #Celebrateeveryday: “Some people believe that National Tweed Day is celebrated to recognize senator-turned-crook William “Boss” Tweed. Tweed was born on April 3, 1823. He was the wealthiest and most powerful politician of his time.”

He was an American politician. He was known for being the “boss” of Tammany Hall, which was a Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in the politics of 19th century New York City and State. He  was the third-largest landowner in New York City, a director of the Erie Railroad, the Tenth National Bank, and the New-York Printing Company, as well as proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel according to Wiki. 

So you could celebrate by learning more about “Boss Tweed” if you choose to go this route.

While, other believe it is simply a day to celebrate, the fabric Tweed. So if you opt to choose this side of Tweed Day, you could celebrate by just wearing Tweed!

Celebrate by Wearing Tweed!

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