Unique Gifts for your Outer Space Geek Friend

Gifts For Outer Space Geeks

Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock

Stylish matte black pedestal moon clock. Replicates the phases of the moon with a dark shield that rotates around a realistic image of the moon’s surface
The Moon Phase Clock also features an accurate analog clock with quartz movement, and a calendar. Standing 9 ½ inches tall and running virtually silent.

Genuine Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite with Full Color Beverly Oaks LLC Certificate of Authenticity Info Card

These are Genuine Space Rocks that Age Between 4,000 – 5,000 years old. We had these specimens collected at a crater field in Argentina. This is an exclusive product offered by Beverly Oaks LLC and ships with our full color Beverly Oaks LLC Certificate of Authenticity. Your Genuine meteorite will come mounted in an acrylic museum box display case you see pictured.

STUNNING Moon Dust Necklace -Wear A Real Piece Of The Moon! – Teardrop Shape

 Lunar meteorite pendant. It is made with a sample of genuine Moon meteorite dust. The meteorite was sourced from SR METEORITES- possibly the most respected collectors of planetary meteorites in the World. The sample is dust collected while cutting a Lunar meteorite. The meteorite is NWA 4881. This stone was found in Northern Africa in 2005 and weighs 606g. The sample weighs 10 milligrams and has been captured forever in a sealed glass vial and has strung from a lovely 18 inch solid sterling silver curb chain.

Buzz Aldrin – NASA Astronaut – 12×18 Matted Display w/ Authentic Autograph

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, legendary NASA astronaut in the Apollo 11 moon landing mission, authentic, autograph, presented in a custom triple matted display. In addition to the autograph, the display also features an 8″ x 10″ posed NASA photograph. Approximately 12″ x 18″ in size. Fine condition.

UFO CRAZE Flying Saucers Sightings ALIENS ? Roswell NM Discs ? 1947 Newspaper

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 7, 1947 * The famous UFO scare that was also during the time of the Roswell, New Mexico incident Near the bottom of the front page is a two column heading that announces: “Military Planes Hunt Sky Discs With Cameras in Vain on Coast” (see) Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 34 pages, this is the rare rag edition that was produced on very high quality newsprint, with a high percentage of cotton & linen content, allowing the issues to remain very white & sturdy into the present. Given the subscription cost, libraries & institutions rather than individuals were the primary subscribers of these high-quality editions. Nice condition.

ViewMaster IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE – Movie Preview Reel – Rare Collectible

It Came from Outer Space tells the story of an astronomer and his fiancee who are stargazing in the desert when a large fiery object crashes to Earth. At the crash site, he discovers an alien spacecraft just before it is completely buried by a landslide. When he tells this story to the local sheriff and newspaper, he is branded a crackpot. Before long, strange things begin to happen, and the tide of disbelief turns hostile.

Framed Print of UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico

FRAMED PRINT. 32×22 inch (81x56cm) Framed Print with Black Satin with White Digital Mat. Artwork depicting UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Irving Newton, Met. Officer at Roswell USAFB, New Mexico, holds debris of a supposed flying saucer found by rancher Mac Brazel, stated by the US Air Force to be a weather balloon.


On September 9, 1969 in Washington DC; the USPS issued this airmail stamp in recognition of the landing of the First Man on the Moon. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. He and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin walked around for three hours. They did experiments. They picked up bits of moon dirt and rocks.

Neil Armstrong Hairdressing Scissors & Comb

This is a pair of scissors and a comb used by Neil Amstrong’s barber, Marx Sizemore, to cut the Moonwalker’s hair. They are accompanied by 25 strands of Armstrong’s hair. History In May 2005, Neil Armstrong became involved in a legal battle with barber Marx Sizemore of Lebanon, Ohio, after finding that the barber was selling off cuts of his hair to memorabilia hunters. Armstrong threatened legal action unless the hair was returned or the sale proceeds donated to charity. Following Sizemore making the charitable donation, the scissors & comb used by the barber have been held in a private collection. Provenance This is a well documented collection. Included in the sale are copies of the legal correspondence between Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Armstrong’s legal representatives, and barber Marx Sizemore. Also included are sworn testimonies from Sizemore declaring the hair to be genuine: “This is to inform you that I have been the barber of record of Neil Armstrong since October 1999. I generally cut his hair once a month. This is the, Neil Armstrong, who was an astronaut for N.A.S.A. and the first man to walk on the moon. I do attest that the hair clippings submitted to you are his hairs that I cut from his head.” There is another Sizemore document authenticating the scissors used to cut Armstrong’s hair. A notarised Public State of Colorado document is also included, detailing how the original purchaser obtained the hair from Marx Sizemore.

American Coin Treasures New York Times Man Lands on The Moon Coin and Stamp Collection

“One small step, one giant leap,” enjoy reading the New York Times headlines that followed man’s first walk on the moon. This artfully arranged collector’s piece will look impressive hanging on any office, den or bedroom wall. The 16 inch by 14 inch black wood frame contains 6 official reproduction headline and story clippings from the New York Times, 5 genuine US coins minted from 1969 (Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, JFK Half Dollar), a genuine Susan B. Anthony and Eisenhower Dollar both shown on the reverse side and 2 genuine US postage stamps from 1971. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

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