UNO Themed First Birthday Party Theme

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An UNO Themed 1st Birthday Party

Do you have a little boy or girl turning one soon? If you are looking for a really cute theme for their 1st birthday party, here it is. An Uno themed party is so cute! My daughter just did it for my grandson, but it can totally be gender neutral.

It’s bright, colorful and there are so many cute and affordable ways to make birthday party decorations and foods!

Here are the pictures from my grandson’s First Birthday Party!

The main cake and the smash cake that we let Finn dig into! This make a really cute photo op.

Time to eat the smash cake! And see in the background, the UNO cards strung up. Easy way to  make a simple decoration!

Finn got a little help from his cousin!

Just hang up some blue, red,  yellow, white and black balloons and streamers!

My daughter made an big #1 for Finn’s 1st Birthday with some
cardboard and a deck of UNO cards.

My grandson and I decked out in UNO colored hats.

And Finn, all tired from his big First Birthday party!

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