Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to make Money Online

Are you looking for a way to grow your wealth with some passive income? If you are a housewife, or chronically ill or just don’t have the funds to pay for a babysitter, here are some tips on ways to earn a little extra money each month!


You can sign up to AWIN to monetize your blog. There are hundreds of shops you can gather links from such as Etsy, to display banners or links to many products. Just copy the code by using their link generator and place them on your blog. Each time someone purchases something from your link you will get a commision! Join Atwin here: Awin.com.


Swagbucks is a good way to earn a couple bucks a month by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and using their search bar. You won’t get rich off of Swagbucks but you can definitely earn enough to buy dog food for the month. Swagbucks pays in gifts cards. You can get a Paypal card which pretty much is the same as getting cash. But you can also add to your Amazon credit or order ebay or many other gifts cards, and save up slowly all year to buy all your holiday gifts this way. You can also earn money by referring others to sign up for Swagbucks. you will usually get a bonus sign up amount along with getting a % of all the person’s earnings forever. This is a great way to earn passive income.  Sign up for Swagbucks Here.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another survey site that you can earn money on. You can take surveys, watch videos and play games.  My favorite part of this site is the games. You really can earn a little each day playing them and I’m pretty addicted to Mahjong, so yeah, do this nightly before going to bed. Another way to earn is to refer people to it also. You will gain a commision everytime someone you referred earns money. Join Inbox Dollars Here. 

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an easy way to earn ten bucks here and there. All you do is sign up for the site and take surveys and take their daily poll. So far out of all the survey sites the minimum $10 payout is the easiest to achieve. If you want to try taking surveys for Branded Surveys, Sign Up Here.

Amazon Associates

If you have a blog or website you’d like to monetize, you can join the program Amazon Associates. On this site you can get links to products to place on your blog. This is a really great way to earn money if you like to do product reviews! Sign up here for Amazon Associates.


Zazzle is a great way to earn money for people who are creative. Whether you can think of funny quotes, like to draw or paint or are a photographer, this site is would be great for you! Place your funny quotes on tshirts. Put your travel photos on postcards. Put your drawings on canvas! The possibilities are endless! What’s nice about Zazzle is there is no upfront costs. You just add your design onto their template for whatever items you choose to design and Zazzle will make it, ship, and take care of any customer concerns. You just sit back and design things and let Zazzle take care of the rest.

Start making Products on Zazzle!



If you like to design shirts or other merchandise such as backpacks or posters, then you may like Printful. Printful gives you a template designer to upload your designs, photos or pictures to. Then it puts it on many different items. You can then connect your Printful account to Etsy, Ebay, Amazon of whatever other shops you have an account with. This is a great easy drop shipping opportunity. If you want to design without having to produce or ship the items or deal with any customers, this is an awesome way for you to be creative and make some extra money! Sign up for Printful here.

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