What is Pour Painting?

Are you interested in learning how to make Pour Paint art? Many awesome artists are making tutorials on Youtube. Here is one we found really beautiful and fun! Hope you like it too!

What is Pour Painting?

Paint pouring is an art where you mix acrylic paints with pouring mediums such as Floetrol or silicone and then pour the mixture onto a surface making beautiful abstract designs and cells. There are a huge variety of mediums and techniques to try, and I will go over several of them in this Paint Pouring 101 guide.

Thing you will Need:

Floetrol – Floetrol  is a water based paint conditioner or thinner that makes the paint smoother eliminating roller or brush strokes.

Silicone – Silicone creates cells in your painting. Many people just use WD-40. Some may use olive oil instead.

Canvases – To pour your paint on. You can find canvases on Amazon.

Acrylic Paint – Just use your typical acrylic paints.

Plastic Cups – These are to layer your paints in and pour onto the canvas. As you advance in your techniques you will probably use more fun items like collenders, split cups and other fun tools to pour your paint to make different designs.

Cake Spinner – Some people just pour the paint on and turn the canvas from side to side to let the paint drip down into different patterns. As you start to play around more you might find you like using the spinning technique. After you pour your paint onto the canvas you can spin it making beautiful abstract patterns. Many artists use a cake spinner to do this.

Varnish or Resin – When you are happy with your work of art and have let it dry. You can topcoat it by using acrylic varnishes or resin to give it a shiny protective coat.

Watch this fun “The Dancing Dragon” ~ Fluid Art Tutorial

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How to Pour Paint

You will mix your acrylic paint with a pouring medium and if you choose with silicone oil. The consistency should be such that it flows well but is not too thin. Mix each color in it’s own cup. You next pour your paints which are now in different cups into one big cup layering the colors as you wish. Then this color mixture is poured from the big cup onto the painting base. You can pour it directly in the middle of move your cup around. Practice fun techniques such as moving your hand in circles to make a swirling pattern.

Once you’ve poured your paint out, you gently hold and move the canvas around to help the  paint move. Tilt it up and down and sideways so the paint slides over the sides of the canvas. Move around until you are happy with the look of your new painting!

Let your painting dry. Most acrylic pour paintings take between 24 and 72 hours to dry and between 7 and 14 days to cure. Then you can put your varnish or resin on it. Be careful when working with resin or any chemicals. If you choose to use resin use a respirator and gloves and do in a well ventilated area. I am speaking from experience here, being one who had a bad reaction to resin, even while using all the safety precautions. It definitely gives the prettiest glassy finish, but if you are sensitive to chemical like I am, you might want to go with the varnish.

There are pre mixed pouring paint kits available too!

Good luck! Hope your new creations come out beautifully!

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