Who’s Ready for Spring? Fun New Gardening Gadgets!

Who’s Ready for Spring? Fun New Gardening Gadgets!

I can barely make it past  Christmas before I am longing for spring. For sure as soon as New Year’s passes I start daydreaming about gardening and dreaming of the first tulips popping out of the warm earth.

Each year people come up with the funnest gardening techniques, designs and gadgets. Here are some fun pictures and gadgets to help give you some inspiration for this coming spring!

Happy Spring!

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, 28-volt WG794

The Worx Landroid is the pre-programmable robot mower. You can actually  customize daily mowing schedules. The Landroid runs 7 days a week to keep your lawn looking freshly  mowed at all times. The Landroid can get into narrow passages, cuts with precision on slopes angling up to 20 degrees and does it all with absolutely no emissions.The Landroid runs off of a 28V rechargeable battery so there are zero emissions.

People seem to love it or hate it.

Read the Reviews Here!

Bosch ISIO3 Cordless Grass Shear Lawn Secateurs Gardening Lawn Mower

An indispensable garden tool: the Isio multi functional tool, the perfect aid for your daily gardening tasks. Shears, prunes, cutting shrubs easily, will do lots for you yard and gardening needs!

Black and Decker LPP120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw,Includes 20v Battery

No more  gas can or cord you have to worry about.  This saw is great for those challenging overhead trimming jobs like pruning tall trees and shrubs or high branches over fences, garages.

Gardeneer By Dalen Natural Enemy Scarecrow SOL-R Action Owl

If you need a safe and humane way to scare off other little animals from your garden or deck, here is a lifelike owl that will do the trick. He has realistic head movements powered by solar energy or wind so  no batteries are needed.

GardenHOME Folding Stool with Tool Bag and 5 Tools Garden Tool Set All-in-one


These totes are nice to store your gardening tools in, and helps you easily move them around while you are gardening so you have everything right at hand.

Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket

This gardening scooter is great for obvious reasons! You can scoot around the garden while keeping all your tools and equipment right i the buckety. You can pull it around or scoot around saving your back and being able to relax when you need to!

Checkout customer reviews here!

Lawn Aerator Shoes w/ Velcro Straps

If you want to keep your lawn green and healthy then these piked aerator sandals would be great for you! You just walk around allowing the spikes on the shoes to  puncture your lawn, allowing the important water, air and nutrients to get down deep to your grass’s roots.

Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Attract a variety of wintering birds to your backyard with a warm, clean birdbath. A Built-in thermostat prevents bird bath water from freezing. This has a “tilt-to-clean” deck rail mounting bracket, making the bowl easy to clean.

Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Thermometer

  • Automatic self-emptying rain collector measures and then eliminates collected rainfall
  • Extremely accurate measurements! Increments of .04 Inch will allow you to know precisely how much rain is falling in your area
  • Displays daily, nine-day historical plus today for a 10 day record with total rainfall records
  • Digital Clock
  • Know how much water you’re using to water your lawn or garden

Outdoor LED Light Cube Furniture with remote control, Waterproof

Have fun with some Solar Lights in your Yard or Garden!

Regal Art & Gift 10341 Solar Mushroom Garden Stake, Butterfly

Light up outdoor gardens with this durable Solar Light Mushroom Stake. Place them in a pathway, driveway, or any outdoor area of your choosing.

Esky Solar Powered Hummingbird, Butterfly & Dragonfly Garden Stake Light with Color Changing LEDs

solar lights for your garden

Pretty Bird Feeders

Spider Catchers!


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