Why we Love Pink

things you dont know about pink

Who doesn’t love Pink? 

She is smart, beautiful, and hawt! She is multi talented, a good mother, had a great husband. Everyone knows who Pink is but there’s probably lots you don’t know about her.

  •  Her full name is Alecia Beth Moore.
  • She was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
  • When she was only 15 years old she was a regular singer at a night club in Philadelphia.
  • She nearly overdosed at 15.
  • She used to work at McDonalds and Pizza Hut
  • At one time Pink was the opening act for N’Sync
  • PInk used to date Tommy Lee, Motley Crue’s drummer.
  • Pink is married to motor cross freestylist Carey Hart and has a daughter named Willow.
  • Pink proposed to Carey.
  • Pink sometimes dyes her hair gray.
  • She has a tattoo of her late bulldog, Elvis.

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