You know you are Obsessed with Harry Styles when…

You know you are Obsessed with Harry Styles when…

  • You followed his career from X-Factor to One Direction to his solo career.
  • You follow his love life and get upset that it’s not you he’s dating.
  • You have charts rating each hair cut he has.
  • You ordered 20 Harry Styles CDs because you keep wearing them out.
  • If you have seen the movie, Dunkirk, more then 3 times.
  • You have gone to at least 5 One Direction concerts and one of his solo ones.
  • His high notes give you butterflies in your stomach.
  • His low notes make your uterus drop out.
  • You refuse to believe he is singing about Taylor or Kendall as his heart is only for you.
  • If you know his birthday,  February 1st, 1994.
  • You know that his middle name is Edward.Harry Styles November 2014
  • If you have searched to see if your Horoscope sign is compatible to his, which happens to be Aquarius.
  • If you know that his first girlfriend was when he was 12, her name was Emilie.
  • If you know that Harry grew up in the  village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.
  • If you know that Harry’s musical heroes are The Beatles, Elvis and Coldplay.
  • In High School Harry was in a band called White Eskimo.
  • If you know  that Harry’s favorite song of all time is ‘Free Falling’ by John Mayer
  • If you know that before he got famous, Harry wanted to be a lawyer.
  • If you know where he worked before X-Factor, which was the W Mandeville Bakery in Cheshire.
  • if you are an older fan but have hope because of when Harry once dated, Caroline Flack, who was 15 years older then him.
  • Harry is the one who came up with the band name, One Direction.Harry Styles Toronto
  • if you know that the charity that Harry supports is Manchester United.
  • Harry and Ed Sheeran are good friends and he appears in his video, “Drunk.”
  • You know more about him then your kids do.
  • You know every award he has won.
  • You have watched all his interviews on Youtube like 50 times.
  • You won’t buy a white car because in an interview he said he doesn’t like white cars.
  • If you have spent more then 12 hours straight binge watching every music video he has made.
  • If you have cancelled a date to stay home for the release of his new album.
  • If you have had a Harry Styles themed birthday party.
  • Of you now wear Bell Bottoms again.
  • If you cry when Harry cries every time you watch this video of him singing, “Landslide” with Stevie Nicks.
  • If you believe you know which song is for which ex girlfriend.  Taylor Swfit Songs = Carolina, Two Ghosts, Kiwi, Ever Since New York From the Dining Room Table  Kendall Jenner Songs: Only Angel (there is debate on whether this is for Taylor or Kendall and Harry isn’t spilling.)
  • You believe that Taylor has also written songs about Harry, specifically, ” Out of the Woods and Style.”
  • If you have watched this video 500 times ….(question continued below..)
  • Just so you could see this moment over and over again.  
  • If you know that Harry has more then 50 tattoos.
  • If you own a  Harry Tattoos Styles Sweatshirt.
  • If you know that Harry’s star tattoo on the side of his arms has 5 points for all the members in One Direction.
  • If you know that Harry was the youngest member of One Direction.
  • If you know that Harry can juggle.
  • If you that Harry can speak French.
  • If you know that he hates snakes.
  • If you own the Adult Coloring Book, Colour Me Good Harry Styleswith 32 pages of Harry Styles pictures to color and you have finished coloring it.
  • If you’ve seen him say in interviews that he wishes his favorite movie was, “Fight Club” but it’s just not, it’s “The Notebook.”
  • if you know he likes tea better then coffee.
  • If it made you cry to watch Harry sing Shania Twain’s, “You’re Still the One” with Kacey Musgraves.
  • If you like all over Harry’s cover songs  better then the originals such as, The Chain, Girl Crush and Wild Thoughts.
  • If you know where he is on tour at any given moment.
  • If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is watch  Harry Styles video and go to bed with one of his songs playing.
  • You own something autographed by him.
  • When you were sad for Harry but happy for yourself with he and Camille Rowe broke up.

  • When you are jealous that he has kissed James Corden more then you.
  • When you know the words to all his songs, the ones that are not even on his albums.
  • When you know that THIS PICTURE is not really Harry and Kendall.
  • When you can recite all the puns related to Harry’s tattoos.
    Cross on his heart (cross my heart)
    Birdcage on his ribs (bird cage)
    Butterfly on his stomach (butterflies in your tummy)
    Heart on his arm (where your heart on your sleeve)
    Nails on his arm (nail gun)

  • You know what Larry means whether you are a believer or not.

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